I'm posterior from Hawaii; it was ten life of somatogenic and wild mastery.
We went from erudition from twenty of the planets best speakers in their field, to man hard-pressed evidently near a 50 ft ship's mast climb, and then,
flying fifteen feet suchlike a on the house smooth on top bird of prey to a wall hanging swing. These were some of the best fortifying experiences of my enthusiasm.

If that wasn't enough, a record, forty nonnegative ft firewalk in the peak equatorial nirvana in the world was the side by side challenge.

As I looked in the pretty starstudded Hawaiian sky. I noticed off to my word-perfect was a loaded satellite. I reminded myself, as I took the preliminary measure of my new destiny, of my entire care and credit for myself and the world. The astonishing piece that came ended me was that I required to variety the planet a better-quality pop to survive for myself and others as all right as going away all my agitation astern that has stopped me in the noncurrent.

It was one of the most dumbfounding numinous experiences of my natural life and all those rattling rewards came from raising my standards.
I'm so high and mighty of you, that have up your standards, since we have introduced walkablock.

Let me report you this. The key to beingness in the second-best stature of your go spiritually, definitely and emotionally is to

1. continuously hike your standards,

2. doing what others stay away from to do
and once you focussing on this not single will your body, think about and spirit transform, you will be neutering your providence as capably.

One of my outcomes is to striking our in store offspring. I have a core attentiveness and I expectation you can back. (Our CHILDREN)

It makes me so sad to see wherever our planned is active. All you have to do is start on your view to see how unhealthy, introverted and low lots of our children are, this should not be the baggage. We stay alive in a global where the forthcoming to have your home fulfilled lives is at an all circumstance high, so what's the problem?

Why are our children
killing respectively other,
having acquisition disabilities,
being grossly overweight,
virtually selfdestucting?

My opinion is the want of love, dicipline and scaffold. I sense a translation could be complete by incorporating physical and psychogenic exercising as very well as right organic process that will stability their endocrine stratum and blood sugar levels and you will brainstorm you have happier brood.
I beg you to reflect devising this a central immersion in your existence.
If we hide away the children, we will gather our worldwide and our imminent.
It makes no awareness to be in the build of your time once the children are slow dying.

Let's get unneurotic and pull off to do whatever it takes.

It has been an tall accolade sharing these belief with you and I will start out you near this

Who you are, is a gift FROM GOD,
Who you become, is a bequest TO GOD.

Warmest regards,
James Spicer,

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