You can Save a Lot of Money By Buying Used Handpieces Instead of New.

Adding or Replacing Dental Handpieces in Your Practice Can be Costly. A Viable Alternative to the Cost of New is to Purchase Used. eBay has relentlessly Grown in Offerings of utilized Dental Handpieces complete the erstwhile 5 years and the Quality of These Offerings Has Grown as Well.

Dentists Retiring or Changing Out Their Systems are Looking for a Way to Recoup subdivision of their Original Investment and Have Found That eBay offers them that way.

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Usually, the Dental Handpieces Have a Lot of Life Left and are Only Being Sold Because the Needs of the Practice Have Changed. This Provides You With an Excellent Opportunity to Save a Lot of Money.

To Make Sure You Make An Informed Decision, and There are No disappointing Surprises, Here Are Some Questions You Should Ask the Seller beforehand dictation If They Are Not Covered In The Ad:

  • Are within any Damaged Threads on the utilized Handpieces?
  • When Was the Last Time It Was Used?
  • Are at hand Any Operational Problems (Get a Description of the Problems)?
  • Are There Any Guarantees?
  • How Old Are The Handpieces?
  • When Were the Last Repairs and By Whom?
  • Why Are the Dental Handpieces Being Sold?
  • If the Dental Handpieces Requires Quick Coupler Connections, is The Quick Coupler Included?
  • Is the Seller A Dentist?
  • Are There Any Scratches, Dents, Or Other Markings
Other Considerations:
  • Stay With Brands You Know and Trust
  • If the Handpiece Needs Work, Contact Us, or a Repair Facility You Trust for an Estimate- Before you bid.
  • Check on the Cost for Shipping (if Shipping is Extraordinarily High, Do Not Bid. The Seller is Dishonest. This is Generally Done to Cheat eBay out of Commissions. If The Seller Will Cheat Them, They Will Cheat You As Well).
  • Make Sure All Communications Go Through eBay For Your Protection.
  • Check the Seller's Reputation
  • Pay through Paypal for Added Protection
As a Note, Don't Shy Away From Buying Handpieces that Need Work. This Will Provide You with the Opportunity to Save Even More Money. These Handpieces Usually Only Bring Pennies on the Dollar. Most all Parts Are Now Replaceable, together with Cosmetic. Figuring in the Cost of Repair Will Net You a Guaranteed Handpiece that Will Last You For Years at a Fraction of the Cost of New.

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