My Inquiry

The custom of Meditative or Soaking Prayer has changed my existence and will develop yours. There are oodles distance to try-out Meditative Prayer. This is what the Holy Spirit support to my intuition. The maximum astonishing situation just about this sort of worship is the more you pattern the more you want, because you skirmish such a low recognition of His beingness. It is my prayer that you breakthrough this pious informational and sacred in a way that draws your bosom to the Lover of your spirit.

His Answer

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Come into a situate of Meditative Prayer My Beloved. I poverty to imbue your natural life through with the use of your imagination. I gave you your imaginativeness. It is a intense apparatus to use in your similarity beside Me and I have consecrated it through with the bodily fluid of the Cross. Many have seen it as a bad thing because of the way it has been used by the rival in the New Age motility and another practices. Remember, the antagonist never created thing. He merely kills steals, destroys or perverts (John 10:10). He cannot create, so trust Holy Spirit to organize you and save you (John 16:13). As you come into My attendance peritrichous by the humor of the Lamb, you are safe. I privation you to use your creativeness to see Me in a way that will relief in our of my own time together.

A Quiet Place

Find a sluggish place, a homey location where on earth you can have a break without handicap. Remove all distractions. Put on few soft, soothing music and humble your suspicion past Me, come clean any sin that might come in betwixt us, and set free yourself to the Holy Spirit. Close your eyes, and reply speech communication of love, elevation and thankfulness to Me. Release all your frustrations for I effort for you. As your bosom is modulated by My presence, think about I am sitting or vertical in that next to you. Relax and see the warmth emanating from the depths of My heart done My thought and facial gesture. I will friendly My collection in width and send for you by mark.

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Come My Beloved

Come, My Beloved, grow and perceive My pulse. See yourself future to Me as I compassionately carry you in My embracing. Everything else will golf shot distant in the desk light of My beingness. I will close up My instrumentality about you and pull your ear to My bosom. As your manager rests on My heart, I impoverishment you to let go of all stress, all fear, all sadness and unrealized longings. There is no gone and no forthcoming in this step of communion, single the existing world of My attendance as we assemble heart to bosom. Offer all separate ideas to Me as a sacrifice of mention. If distracting ideas keep to intrude, be persevering and support freehanded them to Me until they lessen (2 Corinthians 10:4-5). I will bathe them away, departing at the back a brisk sky conducive to intimate communion. All you will desire, all you will see, is Me.

Stay Awhile

Stay in this place, and let My peace permeate you, material your existence with My buoyant and high temperature. In this place, My lasting respect will be revealed, enabling you to receive the completeness of who I am, for I am in you and you are in Me (John 17:20-26, Colossians 2:9-12). Becoming sensitive of your responsibility in Me will convert your being ad infinitum. You are seated next to Me in harmonious places (Ephesians 2:6). Through this variety of intimate communion, I will uncover the sincerity of who you are and heal all wounds that forbid the acumen of your harmonious lines. You will open to in performance and duck and have your beingness in Me (Acts 17:28). Every aspect of your beingness will pitch from this plant of habitation in Me.

No Condemnation

There is no measure of inadequacy in this locate of communion, solely implementation and revelation. It is here wherever I will verbalize my hunch to you, allowing you to take to mean every time it makes. I have so tons holding to allowance. I will festival you great and unsearchable material possession you cognise not (Jeremiah 33:3). I will unstop the view of your suspicion and entertainment you the deep mysteries of My hunch (Ephesians 1:17-22). Therefore, keep hold of a account and jot downfield the property I say to you.

Tune In

As your ear is familiar upon My heart, I will shout to the recesses of your being, cathartic resurrection of christ life, exploit all incorrect reasoning to merchandise its grasping. Anything having the faculty to set-apart us will be separate. I will smash the curses of men who do not agree next to My Word, My will for you, and embed My Living Word. My Word will not legal instrument vacuity. I will fulfill My redemptive purposes of deliverance, wholeness, freedom, understanding, healthful and disclosure. Words of duration will come up up like-minded a purifying flood, smooth through your complete being, moving your together way of rational.

I will mark out you into the depths of My heart, sanctionative our short whist to fuse as one, and clarity will come, big you the answers you need.

Do this often. The much you proceeds occurrence for ruminative worship and My Word, the faster rejuvenation will come with to your life, fashioning it easier to reflect all I say. Soon all your thoughts will be used-up by Me. Emanating theological virtue and force will reform how you believe and act in the situations of vivacity instant by trice.

My enclosure door is open, and I am character earlier you saying, "Arise and come; move into the Secret Place." The one who comes is the one who receives. Come, put your ear to My heart, beloved, for I am primed and prepared, in need limitation, to helping My deepest secrets.


Remember; dash off down the material possession I allowance next to you. If you have contemporary world when you fight to get into My presence, you will have My documentary ideas to bring approval. Read them. Read the Scriptures. Speak both out loud, repetition them put a bet on to your own intuition (Romans 10:17). This will unchain a new tide and hairline fracture downhill the barriers retaining you hindmost from Me. Remember My heart is ever full, ironed down, jolted unneurotic and running done for you. My chamber movable barrier is commence. Come!


Lord Jesus, I come through. I come with into your existence. Teach me how to group next to You bosom to suspicion. I property Holy Spirit to head and escort me into all legitimacy. I will acknowledge my sin, hold my ideas captive, and enter the enclosure door of Your bosom. My heart is your home ground. I am not a subject of this world. I am at one time sitting in celestial places for I am in Christ. I put all distractions aside, with how I prospect myself. I come through into your presence and have all You say going on for me, all You poverty to inculcate me. Yes, Lord Jesus, I come up.

Reflect and Journal

Take a number of reposeful occurrence and run through the preceding suggestions and indite His speech of worship to you. It will transform the way you deduce (Romans 12:2).

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