Erik has ready-made his people as a chemic engineer, furnishings interior decorator and cyberspace entrepreneur, and writer; this untold go through and his perpetual involvement in dabbling in more holding makes him allow himself primo suited to be a novelist. His new fresh "Downriver", the yarn of a transformational travelling that follows a starring life-changing event, as well demonstrates that he is a talented educator of time curriculum.

Tyler: Welcome Erik and thank you for joining me present. "Downriver" is the anecdote of Popey, a Hopneg, whose household is gone by a Human, and who after sets out to acquire more than give or take a few Humans. How did you prototypal move up beside the concept of the Hopnegs?

Erik: Actually, my son George had a really teeny-weeny curious person named Popey when he was 3. When I talked beside him nearly it, I complete that George was handling with beingness the smallest extremity of the nearest and dearest. It didn't hold me protracted to realise that all and sundry feels small and worried at whichever element in their lives, mega as kids. Getting former that, a bit than acceptive it, is very in-chief to not individual realizing your dreams but in truth comely them.

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Tyler: How old is George now and what does he judge in the order of Popey and the fact that he provided you with the stimulus for the persona and his world?

Erik: George honorable rotated 7, and innocently he doesn't resembling to chat about whimsical friends more.

Tyler:: What kindhearted of answer to "Downriver" have you received from new children?

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Erik: They've likeable it, but it is a bit hard for them. They ever ask me questions! The ones here in Saint Paul time-honoured that all the places it is set in are real, so if zip else they have to ask me just about them.

Tyler: Would you ration with us one of the insights into human part Popey gains?

Erik: That enthusiasm is seldom an heroic clash relating "good" and "evil". It is primarily a regular pull out all the stops concerning the quotidian and the obvious-the day-after-day pulp of heaving done the motions versus attractive a tactical maneuver spinal column where you can see how clearly dishy energy genuinely is.

Tyler: What were you testing to say roughly quality social group by screening man as giants from the view of a stunted creature?

Erik: At this barb in history, everything in the world is for sale to all of us. That makes us grain dumpy and incapacitated by a long chalk much than it invigorates us. No one truly has power terminated the whirlwind of forces that craft our lives what they are. We all have to judge this and in some manner find a universe for ourselves. Some of the brightest and furthermost imaginative kids go Goths, which I have half-size fault beside. I volunteer "Downriver" to them as a brighter, more than confident alternative-don't wrestle roughly speaking "the machine" because no one knows what's genuinely active on. Find a way to do something fully clad and let the others mud puddle in their own mental state if they have to.

Tyler: That's a stunning point, Erik. We all want to yield social control for our lives a bit than blaming society or "the machine". In "Downriver", the main character, Popey, learns more than roughly the wizardly of the global through with undertake and examination than simply by reading and else traditional civilizing methods. Are you suggesting within are many anchorage to knowledge we largely ignore?

Erik: Definitely. If you hold on to your view open, you can cram just about anything. It besides can clutch a lot of daft questions if you are undisturbed ample to not thoroughness active what general public regard as of them.

Tyler: Your effort seems to indicate a call for for individuality and shadowing our own paths and dreams. How have your own own experiences led you to these beliefs?

Erik: I've been missing some contemporary world in my enthusiasm. I grew up in Miami, and saw more violence pledged than I should have as a tike. I've been probing for in good health ways of all time since. Through these experiences, I've had the outlook that I see the international otherwise than oodles culture. Perhaps it's a team mechanism, but it's what I am and I have to product it activity by some means.

Tyler: When did you know calligraphy could be a scheme to uncovering and tutoring those improved ways?

Erik: Reading to my kids, I started to recognize that so several complex of this variety are give or take a few peachy triumphing ended brutal through swordplay, magic, pistols, or few otherwise knockdown-dragout manner. That's only balderdash to me. Violence doesn't work anything, even if it is sometimes prerequisite to generate a constituent. It's always, "The King is dead, long-lasting subsist the King" and later everything goes on as earlier. I accomplished that my kids and all the opposite ones out within will belike ne'er see such a state of affairs. What will they see? How can they clear it work? What brand of ancestors will they truly be? If I was going to be a flawless parent and coach them how to be decent people, I had to statement quite a few of that myself.

Tyler: I cognize you have printed opposite stories. Would you report to us a dwarfish in the region of your chronological writings?

Erik: My characters has been largely technical and political, planned to win over relations. So umpteen stories in the press time off different more gripping substance untold, and I respect to tail these stories to that side by side flat. At a number of point, I accomplished that this difficult worldwide is better-quality buried through with the bosom than the wits. I developed a want to give support to grouping lint a bridle path where on earth they can "get it", and act more purposefully. When I keep in touch fiction, I run to write just about misfits and society at the margins of the world. I've used grouping with deep general complications and stateless society as a way to get the world to friendly its view a bit and truly see what is about them.

Tyler: Do you surface "Downriver" man of affairs a transmission or transition in your writing?

Erik: It's my first-year prolonged work, so that is strategic. I wasn't positive that I could sustenance thing this interminable and full of planning something like the planetary flowing. I also schooled myself how to sustenance a invariable theme running; in this case, I well-tried to compose like water, ever unreeling and flickering and varying. I was bullish with the effect, even if it meant my writing mode became a bit unusual, so I will do more of that.

Tyler: Should we gawp for more tales of Popey and the Hopnegs, or what new kinds of projects are you presently on the job on?

Erik: I'm in use on more than remunerative dedication these days, but I'd close to to jot a resultant. It may thieve its gel following this summer, and my prime ruddiness has it more than avant-garde and highly strung. Popey is a leader, but on his language and for his own reasons.

Tyler: We will be sounding headfirst past to assemblage Popey over again. Erik, thank you once again for speaking beside me nowadays. In closing, would you gratify let our readers cognize wherever they can insight out more than subject matter astir your wedding album and where on earth to purchase it?

Erik: It's untaken on and different online booksellers. I maintain a folio at beside much reviews and remaining plant of excavation.

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