What closely is "the Word" and can it be ascertained? I am scrupulously convinced that "the Word" is not "a word" at all, but rather, an cryptical fabricate based upon a "number". It's keys look to be found in the high cryptic constructs of "Gematria", the zing inwardly the Osirian/Isisian Masonic Systems apparent to light or be unsmooth shortly after the Roswell affair in 1947.

There is a written language to the dialogue. It is to some extent hands-down to see, as any good enough modality illusion, erstwhile you see it. "Truth" as oft insisted upon by politicians is genuinely immobile sometime one begins to understand how Gematria works in a real sense, and not the local "profane" versions as educated in the Rabbinical Schools.

In the end, it all goes vertebrae to "the Word".

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There are keys and clues everywhere, but what is buried in simple spot is separate from ones opinion.

There is a cipher, or so it appears. Manley P. Hall wrote in Secret Teachings of All Ages regarding the Acroamatic Cipher,

The acroamatic cryptogram is a pictorial symbols haggard in words and its symbol must be so taken.

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He goes on to say,

"The building mythology of the planetary are acroamatic cryptograms, and the deities of the mixed pantheons are with the sole purpose deep characters which, if properly understood, become the constituents of a transcendent character set. The initiated few dig the correct quality of this alphabet, but the uninitiated galore veneration the letters of it as gods."

The Word is an Alphabet, yet it is a number. It is a Letter coalesced to mythology, thence a Mason's demand to travel to apprehend allegories and symbol.

There is a experience. The Female ever encompasses the Male. SHE encompasses HE, HE is encompassed by HER. Ancient Egypt would coating this as Geb individual encompassed by Nut. We would ring up it "GOD" and "GODDESS", for all remark is a numerical and coded envision of an authentic trueness.

There are 52 weeks to a period of time. The diameter in juncture would thus be delineate by 26 weeks. G O D = 7 15 4 = 26 Weeks. Hence GODDESS encompasses the Male.

GOD is the Diameter

DESS is the Word

D = 4

E = 5

S = 19

S = 19

Thus the process reveals itself.

(S*S) D = (19*19 4 = 365 years in a twelvemonth.

God is the "diameter or the 1", patch GODDESS, reveals the 1 (GOD) which creates the O, or DESS, for surely (S*S) E = 361 5 = 366 every bit.

Then again, in that are properties to E. It does have a precisely to remain silent for it is the 5th Letter.





It deposit mute.

L = 12

I = 9

F = 6

E = 0

Why? Because the Great Year of Plato, the Masonic Grand Arch, is supported on the movement of the top soil on HER axis. This Great Year is 25920 old age. It's diameter, in universe time, is 25920/2 = 12,960 = LIFE.

Solve for the Word, and the model reveals itself.

No pursuit would be exhaustive minus an preamble to and an awareness of the "Lost Word" for "the Lost Word" in the end is the footing upon which "the Truth" is predicated. Albert G. Mackey, M.D. 33 Degree, says of the Lost Word, "The dig out for the Lost Word is the query for legality." He continues, "The WORD, therefore, I gestate to be the signaling of Divine Truth; and all its modifications - the loss, substitution, and the betterment - are but division surroundings of the fabulous insignia which represents the hunt for Truth."

He ulterior says, "The search, then, after this truth, I say to represent the end and design of Speculative Masonry. From the especially outset of his career, the candidate is by momentous symbols and emotional orders directed to the acquisition of the angelic truth; the entire less, if not realized in its fullest extent, is at tiniest recovered industrialized in the folklore and legends of the Master's point."

We can speculation from the above that here are two at work weather condition to the getting of "the Truth" virtual to a salvage of "The Lost Word"; one being a written component, and the secondary, and more than hypercritical and useful element, that of the direction inwardly the ancient "lodge" systems via a "spoken word" schooling constituent.

It is not our point to revisit the "mystical renditions" of this Word, hide away for that which allows us to disclose it in its entireness minus the religious belief obfuscations. However, we prehension that several prime considerate of how it is viewed and constructed will vanguard the aspiring to an ascertaining of the finicky construction of this Word.

The Lost Word is the "foundation" to the implicit in "philosophy" as alluded to by Plutarch. However, the Lost Word does not be within its own "vacuum": it is fused to a section titled "the Foundation Stone", which is a nonrepresentational prototypic discovery. These two components make up the needed components to see acutely the total of the viewpoint.

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